Public Square was founded in 2017 by artist Nermin Durakovic and cultural historian Jeppe Wedel-Brandt, who also make up the site’s editorial team. In addition, a number of regular columnists and contributors are invited to put their personal touch on the site and its development.

Editorial team

Jeppe Wedel-Brandt

(Born 1980) holds an MA. in Modern Culture and Dissemination of Culture. He has taught as an external lecturer at the Department of Arts and Culture (KU), been co-editor of the journals ‘visAvis - Voices on asylum and migration’ and ‘Øjeblikket. Journal of art - and what art is about’ and participated in various activist projects. He has published a number of articles, written a blog on and is currently working on a book about space and identity formation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in connection with the war in the 1990s until today. His work has in particular focused on issues such as racism, nationalism, political protests, urban policy, neoliberalism and migration.

Editorial team

Nermin Duraković

(Born 1979) is an artist based in Copenhagen. His works often address how contemporary socio-politics manifests itself on a structural, institutional and personal level. This among other things can be seen in his work with the Danish migration politic.

Beside his work production he has launched several initiatives with a politically and culturally mobilizing agenda.